Ultrasonic Vehicle Parts Cleaning, Carb Cleaning, Brake Caliper Cleaning In Tameside, Manchester

Ultrasonic cleaning Is the process of complete removal of a wide variety of contaminants from objects including carburettors by high frequency sound waves. These ultrasonic waves are used to carry out an effective and thorough cleaning process on a wide range of objects. Automotive parts are commonly cleaned using the ultrasonic cleaning process. We use this process along with a range of cleaning solutions depending on what the item being cleaned is made of. Together with these cleaning agents we can gently lift the contamination away from the surface and the deepest recesses of parts, even those with highly intricate mouldings and passages such as carburettors, brake calipers, engine casings, motorcycle parts and much more! The cleaning solutions we use are formulated specifically for use in an ultrasonic cleaner.

Our most popular cleaning solution is our ultrasonic carb cleaning solution and works very well with carburettors, valves, fuel injectors, engine parts etc. It gives amazing results with many alloys used for engine casings such as cylinder heads, crank cases, rocker covers etc. It safely and quickly removes contaminants including general ageing, soiling and dulling, oxidation, carbon, petrol residue and grease etc. It works very well on alloys and aluminium castings, not only removing the physical dirt, but also it visually (cosmetically) brightens dulling that occurs over time. NOTE: Obviously it can't make a component look better than it did when it first left the manufacturer's factory way-back-when, but normally the end results are very impressive. The cleaning process won't damage, corrode or darken metal components. The solution is safe on brass, aluminium and other sensitive metals. It's also safe with rubber O rings (provided that the "O" ring hasn't started to perish)

We offer ultrasonic carb cleaning in Tameside, Manchester; ultrasonic brake caliper cleaning in Tameside, Manchester; as well as a mass of other parts that we can clean with ultrasonic cleaning in Tameside, Manchester.

Single Carb - from £20.00
Bank of 2 Carbs - from £30.00
Bank of 3 Carbs - from £40.00
Bank of 4 Carbs - from £50.00
Bank of 6 Carbs - from £60.00
all prices include VAT

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Single Caliper - from £15
2 Calipers - from £22.50
3 Calipers - from £30

Single Caliper - from £25
2 Calipers - from £57.50
3 Calipers - from £70
4 Calipers - £82.50
all prices include VAT

Trade Prices Available!
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All other parts will be priced case by case using our extremely competitive structure. We are able to clean a wide range of automotive parts, such as bearings, valves, pump parts, injectors etc...

Some example prices can be found below:

Motorcycle Fuel Tank Petcock - starting from £5
Engine Casing - starting from £10
Inlet Manifold - starting from £5

all prices include VAT

Trade Prices Available!
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